How to help the 800 million people that go to bed every night feeling hungry, vulnerable and week.

Monday, October 20, 2003

My personal and professional interest in poverty reduction developed at an early age, as a direct result of my father’s work for the United Nations in various countries around Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. During this period, I witnessed the tragic circumstances of extreme poverty in combination with extreme inequality both within and between countries. Such were the influences for my decision to embark upon an undergraduate degree in Third World/Environmental studies. Upon completing the degree, I was presented with an opportunity, to gain first-hand experience of a poverty reduction project taking place in a remote area of Nepal. The experience was emotive and insightful creating an interest in pursuing a postgraduate degree in Geography of Third World Development.

I am interested in intersectoral grass-root development achievable through social mobilisation based on the basic premise that poverty is a form of social, political and psychological disempowerment enforced by lack of access to social base of power and productive wealth. Enhancing people’s access to the social power reinforces their political power; and improves their livelihood by increased productive wealth.

I will try to explain the reasons that 800 million people have to go to bed everynight starving; the role you, yes you play in this; the role you can play;.....

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